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Saferbaby Sleeper helps to ensure your baby's correct sleeping position

All parents of newborn babies want to provide the safest sleeping environment possible. When furnishing the nursery, a good quality cot and firm, well fitting mattress is a must, and lightweight blankets and sheets will enable parents to adjust the temperature according to their own babies’ comfort and of course, the season.

As sleeping bags are not advised to be used for infants under 10lbs (or approximately 6 weeks old), getting the layers of lightweight blankets right is essential. Blankets and sheets that become loose can pose a risk of covering babies head. With this in mind, Saferbaby Limited have manufactured the "Sleeper" in accordance with the advice of the Department of Health, F.S.I.D and Midwives, to help to reduce this risk. The Feet-to-Foot position is the recommended sleeping position by midwives for babies. However there is a risk of baby wriggling free from the foot of the cot and becoming cold. The Saferbaby "Sleeper" has been designed to prevent this from happening. As it is fully adjustable, it can be positioned according to the size of the baby anywhere in the cot or cot-bed, creating a false "foot" and a snug environment for baby to sleep.

The security strap, which fits underneath the cot base, ensures that blankets are held securely in place. As baby grows, the Saferbaby "Sleeper" is re-positioned further down the cot, allowing correct "Feet-to-Foot" positioning until baby can sit up unaided (approximately 7 months), although feedback from customers confirm that the Saferbaby "Sleeper" can be used for longer according to individual development.


The Saferbaby Sleeper allows parents to feel comfortable using traditional blankets and top sheets - providing greater flexibility for keeping baby warm at various room temperatures. The use of blankets not only allows parents to choose the correct amount of bedding required to keep baby warm dependant on the room temperature but also allows blankets to be gently added or removed without having to disturb baby in its sleep. Babies are also able to move away from the bedding should they become too hot.Organisations such as the department of health clearly state that sheets and lightweight blankets should be used providing they do not cover babies head in any way. Using lightweight blankets and sheets with a "Sleeper" will help parents to create the safest advised sleeping environment for baby. For information on safe sleeping visit: (

A number of years ago the European style baby "sleeping" bags have been introduced to the UK nursery market. For the majority of babies, sleeping bags are not advised for use until baby has reached 10lbs in weight (approximately six weeks old). Statistics show that the average newborn baby weighs somewhere in the region of between six and eight pounds. Therefore, lightweight blankets and top sheets still remain a necessary purchase for parents of a newborn. Using a Saferbaby "Sleeper" in the cot keeps lightweight blankets and top sheets firmly in place, giving reassurance that blankets and top sheets are perfectly safe to use from birth, and eliminating the need for additional purchases.

According to one leading baby charity "The majority of shops (67%) failed to ensure that cot displays were made up to demonstrate the "Feet-to-Foot" position". Saferbaby agree that both retailers and their consumer¹s should be made aware of the risks of over heating and stores can play an important role in this aim.


The Saferbaby "Sleeper" has been extremely popular with parents of twins. Parents wanting their twins to share a bed but not face-to-face, have purchased the "Sleeper" to achieve just that, whilst maintaining the "feet-to-foot" position. This also allows the locating of the twins more easily in the parents room with the use of a single cot or preferably cot bed.

What is the maximum size cot that the Saferbaby Sleeper will fit?

The Saferbaby Sleeper will fit a cot upto 75cm in width.

What is the Saferbaby Sleeper made from?

It is made from Food Grade Polypropylene.

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