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What is the maximum size cot that the Saferbaby Sleeper will fit?

The Saferbaby Sleeper will fit a cot upto 75cm in width.

What is the Saferbaby Sleeper made from?

It is made from Food Grade Polypropylene.

Do I need to buy a moses basket if I buy Saferbaby Sleeper?

Not necessarily because using a Safeway Sleeper a baby can be put to sleep in its cot from birth and provide a snug and cosy environment.

At what age should I stop using the Saferbaby Sleeper?

Approximately 7 months or when your baby is able to sit up unaided, this is to avoid the baby using the cot as a step to climb/fall out of the cot. For some babies this can be older than 7 months.

Do I need to do up the strap?

Yes, you must do up the strap because it is the strap which keeps the Saferbaby Sleeper rigid and tight again the blanks, the handles are there to centralise it between the bars and stop any entrapments.

Will the Saferbaby Sleeper fit any size bars?

Yes the Saferbaby Handles are designed to fit all pole configurations and all widths between poles.

SaferBaby Sleeper

  • Promotes the 'feet-to-foot' sleeping position
  • Adjusts to fit cots, cot beds and all bar configurations
  • Makes blankets and top sheets safe
  • Helps to promote security and comfort for new born babies
  • Suitable from birth until approximately 7 months, depending upon the individual babies development (Many parents find they are able to use the Sleeper for much longer than 7 months)
  • Available in White, Pink and Bue
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Made in the UK
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