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See how using SaferBaby Sleeper can save up to £370 kitting out baby's nursery

It isn’t just in these times of Austerity that parents are interested in saving money.  Having a baby is an expensive time for nearly all parents and when you can make significant savings preparing for your babies arrival, we at Safababy, felt sure that you would want to explore further. So we have done the research and are delighted to be able to present the following costing tables.  They clearly demonstrate that by purchasing a “Saferbaby Sleeper” and using traditional top sheets and cellular blankets instead of Grobags you could save up to £370 on a safe sleeping solution for your baby.

The following information allows you to compare for yourself the costs in detail.

Baby Sleeping Bags

Baby Sleeping Bags (generally referred to as Grobags) are generally available in sizes 0-6months, 6-18months and 18-36 months.  The vast majority come in one of two tog ratings, 1.0 togs and 2.5 togs, the 1.0 tog would normally be used in Summer and warmer months and the 2.5 togs in the Winter and cooler months.  As a baby might well be in the same size sleeping bag from warm through to cooler months and/or visa-versa it is reasonable to assume that sleeping bags in both togs may need to be purchased  and this is also reflected in Column D of Table A.

Since the Baby Sleeping Bag is essentially a piece of “sleepwear” just like the baby’s vest and baby-suit it is also reasonable to assume that parents would purchase a minimum of 3 in each size (one on the Baby, one in the wash and one clean at the ready).

In collecting data for the tables below we studied the UK’s leading on-line nursery retailer’s stock of Baby Sleeping Bags.  For each size we calculated the average Recommended Retail Price on the 3rd October 2012.  Our findings are shown in the Table A below.

Table A






Size of   Baby

Sleeping Bag



Average Cost of a Baby Sleeping Bag 




Cost of 3 Baby Sleeping Bag


Total Cost of 3 Baby Sleeping Bags of each Tog


0-6 months



























Total Cost







Saferbaby Sleeper plus Traditonal Top sheet and Cellular Blankets

Using a Saferbaby Sleeper makes the use of traditional blankets safe again.  The blankets and top sheets are trapped in place so that the baby cannot pull them over its face and because babies are in the recommended “Feet-to-Foot” position when using the Saferbaby Sleeper, they are highly unlikely to move under the blankets and overheat as the blankets are only made up to shoulder position.  Unlike a Baby Sleeping Bags parents can also “Peel-on” and “Peel-off” layers of bedding as the temperature of Babies room varies. Also it is worth bearing in-mind that should a baby become too hot, it is “free” to move away or kick the covers off. The guide-lines for the use of top-sheet and blankets are as follows:

How much bedding to use

The amount of bedding you use depends on room temperature. However, the rule of thumb is a vest, a bodysuit, plus one sheet and up to three thin blankets.

  • 24°C/75°F - 1 sheet only
  • 21°C/70°F - 1 sheet plus 1 layer of blanket
  • 18°C/65°F - 1 sheet plus 2 layers of blanket
  • 15°C/60°F - 1 sheet plus 3 layers of blanket

The following table demonstrates the cost of purchasing a Saferbaby Sleeper, 3 top-sheets (one in the cot, one in the wash and one clean) and the cellular blankets (all cot-bed sizes).  Since the blankets are neither underneath or directly on top of the baby they are much less unlikely to become soiled during the night/sleep-time and for that reason we feel that two sets of 3 blankets is more than enough for any family budget.

Again in collecting data for the table below we studied the same UK’s leading on-line nursery retailer’s stock of top-sheets and blankets.  For each we calculated the average Recommended Retail Price on the 3rd October 2012.  Our findings are shown in the Table B below.

Table B






Average Cost



Total Cost


Saferbaby Sleeper








Top Sheets (Quantity: 3)












Blankets (Quantity: 6)










Total Cost





Even better news! Buy them a lovely Quilt for their Cot/Cot bed when they are 1 year old (Average price £45.00) and you will still have saved  £325 purchasing your babies SAFE SLEEPING SOLUTION!

What is the maximum size cot that the Saferbaby Sleeper will fit?

The Saferbaby Sleeper will fit a cot upto 75cm in width.

What is the Saferbaby Sleeper made from?

It is made from Food Grade Polypropylene.

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